Perform advanced calculations in no time

By including the core library into your .NET project, Mathos Core Library can help you with any kinds of mathematical calculations. Work with shapes, finance, unit conversions and much more!

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Integral Approximation tool

Illustrate three different numerical approximation algorithms for definite integrals.

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Parse mathematical expression

By using this simple to use expression parser, you can create robust application that allow any kind of customization, for example:

  • Add conditional statements.
  • Customize operators. Add/edit existing operators, change behaviour of operators.
  • Programatically add variables before and on the run time.
  • Custom own functions with almost unlimited amount of arguments.
  • Culture independent. No matter on what machine the library is being used - the same configurations for everyone.
  • And much more!

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Your ideas are important for the future of education in particularly mathematics and computer science!

Mathos Project allows everyone, in particular those who are actively contributing to the project to publish their own project on Mathos Project's project servers. Usually, they somehow relate to mathematics, however, please feel free to develop other projects as well! Examples are:

  • An app that would promote an interest for computer programming among kids.
  • A page that would contain materials about a particular subject. etc.

  • If you are really creative, you might come up with something new? If this is the case, we will support you and provide you with technologies such as PHP or ASP.NET!

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