Why contributing

As Mathos Project is entirely based on contributors' support, the content on all our sites (including sub-sites/sub-projects)  is available for everyone. Every project is open-source based, hence it is possible to add/improve any part of any project.


One of the sub-projects based on Mathos Project technology.

This is what makes this project so great, and with your contribution it will become even better!

In Mathos Project you have the opportunity to choose what part of this project you would like to improve. However, it is also possible to create an entirely new project.

Q: But, what are the benefits, and why not create a project on your own?

A: The answer to this question is because of the benefits listed below:

  • Get help from other team members (the community).
  • Use our current projects (Mathos core library) as a computational power foundation for your own project.
  • Get all technologies you need for realizing your idea (we will provide you with hosting which includes ASP.NET, PHP, etc.)
  • Gain experience in cross-project development.
  • And more!

Example of cross-project development.

So, why wait, join us today! 🙂


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