Development feedback 2013

Hi Team,

Since the date when Mathos Project was founded (Jun 21, 2012), this project turned from a simple collection of structs to a project that consists of four different modules (Mathos Core Library, Mathos Parser, Math language, and the project website). However, this is not achived by a single person, but thanks to a team of skilled contributors (specialized in a specific area). In this post I would like to acknowledge these people and also give everyone a chance to write a short feedback about the project itself and the team work (the feedback form is found at the end of the page).

Thank you to everyone who has made this library great product! šŸ™‚

I wish everyone an excellent summer!

Artem Los
Project manager


  • Contributed to the Conversion module with new suggestions and algorithms (this includes units for the module).
  • Contributed with ideas to the Geometry module and the Matrix type.
  • Contributed to the quadratic equation solver (adding complex solutions).
  • Extended the documentation for vectors and matrices.
  • Founded the idea of Math language that would work together with Mathos core library.
  • Developed the Tokenizer for the Math Language.
  • Contributed to the Fraction type (including test methods).
  • Extended the Complex number type (including test methods).
  • Founded the Complex number type (including specialized functions for performing a wide range of calculations using Complex numbers)
  • Contributed to the matrix type (implemented more operations for matrix related calculations)
  • Founded the Dice simulator (this module is to illustrate a dice)
  • Founded the Statistics module (a big contribution and foundation for the Statistics module with methods that are used in other parts of the project).
  • Contributed to the Arithmetic module by constructing additional methods for factorial calculations (seeĀ here).
  • Extended the Statistics module with different distributions.
  • Founded the Geometry module shapes (including functions to calculate specific values in a shape, and a well-structured architecture).
  • Founded the conversion between different units and numerical bases (used a different approach for converting between units and bases which facilitates calculations for everyday users. easy to built on top of the code. this method was implemented as an ASP.NET app, see here).
  • Founded the Finance module (a big contribution and foundation for the Finance module).
  • Contributed to the Arithmetic module by improving the factorial calculation procedure (extending the range of possible numbers). This is important for very large numbers (see here).
  • Contributed to the Statistics module (created a percentile procedure and improved,Ā quartileĀ range calculation, the unit test project).
  • Founded the Linear module (in Statistics).
  • Extended the Conversion units (pressure and power).
  • Improved the IsPrime method (seeĀ here).
  • Published the entire set of articles for the Finance module (seeĀ here).
  • Contributed to the new startpage for the project page at CodePlex.
  • Contributed with ideas in different areas of the library.
  • Contributed to the Arithmetic module by extending and improving the range of integers in the factorial method (by constructing a new algorithm seeĀ here).
  • Founded the Triangle solver in the Geometry module for shapes (this method was later used as an ASP.NET app, see here).
  • Contributed to the Geometry module by improving the interfaces and the architecture.

Feedback form

Please spend some time on the following feedback form. It is very important as it will describe what can be improved, and what should be changed. This feedback form is entirely Anonymous. Thank you for taking your time to answer this form!

Feedback form is now closed. Thank you for your comments! šŸ™‚