Updates, March 2014 - Mathos Project


In this message I would like to describe what has been accomplished this month, March 2014.

New module/updates in the Mathos Laboratory

  • The Uncertainty Calculator (Beta) was published (see in action) (see tutorial)
  • Mathos Laboratory application has been moved to our Windows Azure account
  • The Converter was extended with more units (see in action)

A new support site launched

Since March 9th, a new Support site was launched, which should replace the previous support forum and the task management system. (see the article). The site supports a Q&A style forum. Small tutorials are also thought to be published on this site, mainly for the Mathos Laboratory (see example tutorial).

The design of the main page was changed

The current design of the home page for Mathos Project was changed. It now supports a slide show, and gives a fresh look to the website.

Increased amount of unique visitors

Starting from last month, but with a greater emphasis this month, some time was put into promoting the website.  We have gained more viewers of the home page this month than last month. This month, in contrast to February 2014, we got 21% more views more. This month we had approximately 2100 unique visitors, 3100 visits, and 12900 page views. Even if we got 81000 page views last month, the increase in unique visitors is a big step.

Improved donation possibility

In order to make the amount of financial support that is needed to keep up the website clear, a campaign was launched. This campaign makes the number of donations public, and every contributor will also (it's an option) publicly appear on the list of donors.

Click here to lend your support to: Mathos Project and make a donation at pledgie.com !

NuGet packages

Both Mathos Core Library and Mathos Parser are currently available on NuGet.

During April and May, the project blog might not be as active as it usually is, so for specific updates, please see the CodePlex pages of Mathos Core Library and Mathos Parser.

Have a nice weekend!

Artem Los


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