Early version of Mathos Core Library Interpreter

Mathos Core Library Interpreter, or Iron Ruby Based Mathos Core Library Interpreter, is a project with one of the aims:

/../ to allow non-programmers to easily access the computation power of Mathos Core Library.

For those who would like to try out this app, please download the alpha version here.

At this point, there are only short commands for integration, function and expression evalution, saving and loading data object. The remaining features can be included into the interpreter in the same way as it would be done using other .NET targeting languages, for example C#. If you have some experience with Ruby, why not try out some calculations through this interface instead? API Documentation for the Core Library can be found here.

There is a video available that describes some basics of the interpreter. Please feel to write articles with examples of how Mathos Core Library modules can be used and send us a link. Or, why not record a video? If you are a developer, why not join us at this early stage when many of decisions are being made?

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