Making features of the library available online

In the past few weeks, the Mathos Laboratory has been extended with more features and also moved to our Windows Azure hosting plan. For instance, the Uncertainty package was added and the Conveter module extended with more units.

The idea of making features of the Mathos Core Library available online has great potential to be used by a wide audience, mainly because it does not require any kind of installation and gives a clear user interface with no need for implementation.

Now, in order to do this as efficiently as possible, it would be good if those that are experienced with C# (and possibly some ASP.NET) would add or suggest more modules to this project (can be done using the same source control as for the library itself) in order allow this idea to be realized.

NOTE: If anyone would be interested, the role of the Manager of Mathos Laboratory is currently open to anyone who would like to try out or simply contribute to the project with their management skills. This would be a great contribution. Please contact me through skype: artem_los or contact me here if you are interested!



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