Rewriting the core library

The core library currently targets the .NET framework, which makes it possible to use all of the functionality in Windows, Windows Phone, and Linux (through Mono). However, it would be great if the core library could have bindings in other programming languages too (see the post).

Since most of the code is currently written in C#, it would not be difficult to convert some or all of it to say Java or C++. In this way, the functionality will be accessible from many high level languages, for example Python. By doing this, it will be quite easy to use the functionality in both Windows and Linux environments, and there won't be any need to install additional software such as .NET or Mono. Moreover, the code will be faster!

Both me and Ethan are up for this, so if you would like to join this initiative, it would be good if we could have a virtual conference next week. Please send me a message directly as soon as possible so that we can pick the time that will be suitable for all of us.


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