Solve problems with any kinds of triangles

Problems with triangles are usually easy to solve using right angle trigonometry, sine rule, cosine rule, or Pythagoras theorem. Sometimes, you might want to check your workings using a computer that usually is right! Here are several ways you could try out.

If you want to have the answer right away, you could try the Triangle Solver, available at Mathos Laboratory.

Input values for the triangle solverFirst, you will need to provide some information about the triangle. The capital letters are the angles and the lower-case letters are the magnitudes of each side.

Please look carefully through the triangle that is located at the right part of the page, and  check whether each value is correct. In case you get an unexpected result, double checking the values can be of a great help.

However, if you prefer the coding environment much better, you will need to add the library as a reference, and later on the following code:


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