Top contributors of the month, August

In this post I would like to acknowledge the top contributors of August, 2013.

drlotus has made a very large contribution to the Arithmetic module (extension for the Microsoft Complex number class with methods that are much quicker to execute; support for Complex, Double, and Integer related operations, mathematical and physical constants, Fraction type), Calculus module (including complex numbers), Converter module, and Special functions(Anti-derivatives, Bessel, Elementary, Elliptic, Gamma) . Every module was tested in a very structured way using our current Unit Testing system (tests were constructed by drlotus).

McClainJ has made a very large contribution to the Converter module, by implementing a Temperature Converter. It consists of a well-designed algorithm that makes it easier for others to implement other unit Converters that require an external function.

mitnick has made a very large contribution to the Statistics module (created a percentile procedure and quartile range function) and also UncertaintyNumber class. Mitnick has founded the Linear module in Statistics, extended the Converter with more units (pressure and power), and made a lot of improvements to the prime number checker.

RasShak has made a very large contribution to the B-Geometry module by creating a stable, well structured foundation of numerical algorithms. This includes, Linear algebra, Geometric Utilities,  BGeoometry matrix, Basis functions, BCurves, and more.

Thanks to these people and other contributors, we can soon release the library as Stable. In A new update is soon available, some goals were listed for the newest update of the library. We have currently implemented a new documentation system, which replaces the "API architecture" (as it was called before), and stabilized the algorithms in the library. The aim now is to continue using xml comments and extending the library with more functionality!


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